Housing and Mental Health Agreement

The Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) and NSW Health have developed an important new agreement, the Housing and Mental Health Agreement. This agreement aims to improve the housing outcomes and general wellbeing of people with mental health issues aged over 16 years and living in social housing, or who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. It is an important step towards addressing the often complex needs of these vulnerable members of our community.

The Housing and Mental Health Agreement was developed with other government agencies and non-government organisations that FACS and NSW Health recognise to be:

  • important providers of housing and mental health services
  • critical to the successful implementation of the Agreement and to its ongoing work.

The Agreement provides an overarching framework for planning, coordinating and integrating services across these organisations more effectively so that people can access the full range of services available to them.

The Agreement replaces the Joint Guarantee of Service for People with Mental Health Problems and Disorders Living in Aboriginal, Community and Public Housing (JGOS).

While it may make use of existing successful interagency structures wherever possible, it is envisaged the Agreement will reinvigorate existing activities to better coordinate housing, mental health and support services at the local level.

The Agreement defines the context of these activities more clearly and strengthens the governance structures that oversee their ongoing implementation.

By signing the Agreement, FACS and NSW Health have committed to:

  1. Promote good practice in delivering coordinated services at the local level.
  2. Collaborate with non-government organisations as equal partners.
  3. Strengthen integrated service planning.
  4. Deliver coordinated client-focused services.
  5. Improve transition planning to prevent homelessness.
  6. Embed the principles and commitments of the Agreement into standard business practice.