Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative

The Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) between NSW Health, Housing NSW and various non-government organisations (NGOs) provides people with mental health problems with access to stable housing linked to clinical and psychosocial rehabilitation services.

HASI provides people who have mental health issues with support so they can maintain successful tenancies and participate in their communities. This support often results in improvements in their quality of life and, most importantly, assists in their recovery from mental illness.

Under HASI, NSW Health, Housing NSW and NGOs collaborate to provide:

  • accommodation support and rehabilitation associated with disability (delivered by NGOs, funded by NSW Health)
  • clinical care and rehabilitation (delivered by specialist mental health services)
  • long-term, secure and affordable housing and property and tenancy management services (delivered by social housing providers).

HASI is based on NSW Health’s 2002 Framework for Housing and Accommodation Support for People with Mental Health Problems and Disorders. It provides a funding base to help strengthen existing relationships between agencies.

The 2012 evaluation of HASI confirmed that when housing is linked to appropriate clinical and rehabilitation support, people are better able to overcome the often debilitating effects of mental illness and to live more independent lives.

The evaluation also found that the majority of HASI consumers were successfully maintaining their tenancies (around 90%), that their mental health was improving and that they were spending less time in hospital since they had joined the program. In addition, consumers were regularly using appropriate services in the community and demonstrating a high degree of independence in daily living.

NSW Health and Housing NSW jointly won the 2006 NSW Premier’s Public Sector Gold Award in the Service Delivery category for the implementation of the HASI program.