Housing and Mental Health

Housing NSW is committed to helping people in NSW with mental health issues who require assistance with housing. 

People with mental health problems are among the most vulnerable members of our community. Their needs can be highly complex, and supporting them often requires collaboration in order to provide ongoing and integrated services.

In 2002 the Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) was developed by NSW Health, Housing NSW and various non-government organisations. HASI provides links for people with mental health issues between housing and clinical and psychosocial rehabilitation services.

In August 2011, NSW Health and the Department of Family and Community Services (encompassing its agencies of Housing NSW, Aboriginal Housing Office, Community Services and Ageing, Disability and Home Care) signed the Housing and Mental Health Agreement.

This Agreement replaces the Joint Guarantee of Service for People with Mental Health Problems and Disorders Living in Aboriginal, Community and Public Housing and provides an overarching framework for planning, coordinating and delivering effective services to people with mental health issues who are living in social housing or who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.