Accord - Housing and Human Services

The Accord is a formal agreement between NSW Government agencies.  It provides an overarching framework for human service agencies – both government and non-government – to work in partnership to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community.

The Accord recognises that affordable and stable housing can maximise the effectiveness of other services, such as mental health support, disability services or family support.

The Accord aims to assist social housing tenants with complex needs to receive the support services they need to live independently and maintain their tenancies.

A Resource Kit for Partner Agencies has been developed and recently updated to assist agencies in their work with vulnerable clients with complex housing and support needs.

The original Accord document has been updated following consultation feedback.

Under the Housing and Human Services Accord, a service model named Shared Access is being trialled in several locations. The Trial Shared Access Schedule provides the framework for this model. Shared Access provides an agreement between support agencies and Housing NSW whereby other human services agencies can nominate clients for housing with a formal commitment of support.

Shared Access Trials bring together agencies to work together to house and support clients with complex housing needs, including young people without family support, people with a disability and people at risk of homelessness.

The Shared Access model will be evaluated under the Shared Access Trials Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.  It is anticipated that the evaluation will commence early 2010.