Running a Business from Home

Housing NSW may allow tenants to operate a business from their home as long as they continue to live in it. Housing NSW will only give approval to operate a business if it is satisfied that both the business and the tenant:

  • Will comply with any relevant laws and local government regulations that apply to operating a business from a residential property.
  • Will not increase wear and tear over and above the level that would be normal for a home
  • Will meet their obligations under the Tenancy Agreement, in particular, clauses where the tenant agrees “not to cause or permit a nuisance .... and not to interfere or cause or permit any interference with the reasonable peace, privacy or comfort of any neighbour”
  • Has a current public liability insurance policy appropriate to the type of business
  • Will not expose Housing NSW to excessive risk, and
  • Will comply with other relevant Housing NSW policies such as declaring household income.

For more information see the During a Tenancy Policy.