Rent and Other Charges

Rent Subsidy

Family & Community Services (FACS) charges market rent for all of its properties. All tenants living in dwellings owned or managed by FACS are required to pay rent. This is in accordance with the provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and the Housing Act 2001.

FACS may grant a rent subsidy if a tenant with a low or moderate household income applies for a rent subsidy. The rent subsidy will reduce the amount of money that the tenant pays in rent.

If your household has a low or moderate income you can apply for a rent subsidy.

For more information on this see the Charging Rent Policy.

Rental Subsidy Fraud

Rent Subsidy Non-Disclosure occurs when a tenant makes a false, incomplete or misleading statement about the income or assets of any member of their household in order to obtain a rent subsidy that they are not entitled to. Tenants must tell FACS within 28 days of any changes to their household circumstances.

Reports of rent subsidy non-disclosure or fraud or corruption can be made to FACS by:

  • Phoning 1800 422 322; or
  • Mailing a report to the Business Assurance Unit a Locked Bag 4001, Ashfield BC1800

To make a complaint, you can:

Non-Rent Charges

Tenants must reimburse FACS for non-rent charges. Non-rent charges fall into three categories:

  • Tenancy related charges include charges for repairs
  • Water Usage
  • Miscellaneous debts

For more information on this see the Tenancy Charges Policy.

Rental Arrears

Rent and water usage charges must be paid by the due date. If a tenant has not paid by this date, they will incur rent or water arrears, and will have breached their Tenancy Agreement.

For more information on this see the Account Management Policy.