Tenant Participation Resource Services Program

The Tenant Participation Resource Services Program (TPRS) is a FACS initiative to provide social housing tenants with increased access to information, advice and opportunities to more actively participate in processes related to their housing, as well as to engage in their communities.

The TPRS Program goals are to ensure social housing tenants:

  • are engaged in communities 
  • have their needs and priorities identified and considered in planning and service delivery 
  • are informed about their rights and responsibilities and are supported with their housing needs 
  • have the skills and resources to participate in community life 
  • receive services that are coordinated, flexible and responsive to their needs.

Tenant Participation Resource Service

FACS District TPRS Location Organisation Contact Details
South Western Sydney South Western Sydney South Western Regional Tenant Association Phone: 9821 1700
Email: swrtainc@bigpond.com
Sydney Central Sydney North Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development Phone: 9698 6558
Email: david.white@innersydneyrcsd.org.au
South Eastern Sydney Central Sydney South Riverwood Community Centre Phone: 9584 8473
Email: cssrtrs@bigpond.com.au
Hunter New England Hunter and Central Coast Samaritans Foundation Phone: 4993 3450
Toll Free: 1800 786 466
Email: rfowles@samaritans.org.au
Hunter New England New England and North Coast Northern Links NSW Incorporated Phone: 6771 3236
Toll Free: 1800 088 592
Email: norlinks@gmail.com
Illawarra Shoalhaven Illawarra and South East NSW Illawarra Forum Incorporated Phone: 4256 4366
Toll Free: 1800 088 592
Email: info@illawarraforum.org.au
Western NSW Western NSW Centacare Wilcannia-Forbes Toll Free: 1300 488 076
Email: housing@centacarewf.org.au
Murrumbidgee Riverina Murray Intereach NSW Incorporated Phone: 6051 7800
Toll Free: 1300 488 226
Email: tprs@intereach.com.au