Changing, Renewing or Ending a Tenancy


Tenants may be transferred by Housing NSW to meet a range of management purposes such as redevelopment or underoccupancy.

The Mutual Exchange program helps tenants already housed by Housing NSW find other tenants who might want to exchange Housing NSW dwellings.

Social housing tenants may apply for a transfer to another property if their existing property is no longer suitable for their needs.

To apply for a transfer or mutual exchange, go to the Housing Pathways website.


Since 23 October 2006, most new tenants entering public housing are offered a fixed term lease of 2, 5 or 10 years. Housing NSW reviews fixed term leases before they end to decide if a tenant is eligible for a lease extension, and if eligible, are given a further fixed term lease of 2,5 or 10 years.

If eligible for a lease extension, the tenant is not required to sign a new tenancy agreement. Housing NSW will issue a notice which will legally extend the previous tenancy for the new fixed term period.

For more information, see the During a Tenancy Policy.


When tenants decide to leave public housing, they should give Housing NSW 21 days notice in writing, or 14 days notice in writing if the tenant is on a fixed term tenancy agreement.