Antisocial behaviour: the background

Tenants have asked for safer communities

In a recent survey conducted with social housing tenants across NSW, 78% think that antisocial behaviour is a problem and 51% reported that they had experienced it.

Additional feedback was provided as part of the responses to the NSW Government Discussion Paper on Social Housing in NSW, where antisocial behaviour was raised as an issue:

“Some housing areas have stressful environments, which, even if tenants are doing their best to live less stressful lives, their environments add to their demise. People need peace in their homes and to be able to rest. The Victorian ‘three strikes’ policy mentioned in the current discussion paper is worth considering.”

Written submission, Social Housing Resident

“No one wants to live in places that are known for dangerous, anti-social behaviour.”

Participant, District Consultation – Coffs Harbour

We’ve listened to what tenants and the community have said and we’re committed to addressing this issue. The new laws make social housing communities safer by providing clearer rules to manage incidents of antisocial behaviour by social housing tenants.