Steps to Buying a Home

Knowing what to do, where to start and what to look out for can save buyers time and money when purchasing a home.

Housing NSW has produced a number of free publications available for download that explain the home buying process.

The A-Z of Home Purchase guides potential buyers through the different purchase options of buying an existing home or unit, buying ‘off the plan’, acquiring land to build on or buying a land and house package. It also explains in detail the steps and processes to assist purchasers to buy wisely. In doing so it examines the role of solicitors and conveyancers, the different ways to buy property, and what steps to follow right through from the decision to buy to final settlement. The booklet includes a list of useful telephone numbers of organisations and associations that can be of assistance.

The Home Buyer's Checklist enables a purchaser to quickly identify and note the particular features of a property being considered to assist in determining whether it meets their needs and requirements.

The joy of becoming a new homeowner can soon disappear if the purchaser becomes financially over-extended. The Home Buyer's Budget Planner is a handy tool to assist in determining if the desired purchase is affordable.