Connect 100

The Connect 100 program assists people who are homeless and have drifted into the inner city of Sydney.

Connect 100 aims to reduce homelessness in the inner city by providing housing and support packages to people in or near their communities of origin, if safe and appropriate. By doing this, we hope to make it easier for people to reconnect with family or social networks, and live where accommodation may be more affordable.

Connect 100 offers a housing first approach, which involves providing clients with housing up front and then providing support services to help them sustain a tenancy.

At any given time, the program aims to assist 100 people to live affordably in their community through:

  • private rental accommodation leased and managed by community housing providers in suburban and regional locations
  • help from specialist homelessness services and other support services as required.

As people exit the program (by moving to permanent homes), their places are refilled by others who might otherwise be sleeping on inner city streets. So the total client numbers will be greater than 100 over the life of the program.

Connect 100 accepts referrals from all inner city specialist homelessness services.