Industry workforce and development

The Industry and Workforce Development Strategy aims to help specialist homelessness services (SHS) apply service models and practices that align with the service design framework.

This includes long-term capacity building and skills development to:

  • support the ongoing development of SHS providers and a well-structured sector to effectively deliver client outcomes
  • assist the sector to build and maintain a stable, skilled workforce through a program of workforce development and training.

The Industry Partnership

FACS established the Industry Partnership to help develop the Industry and Workforce Development Strategy, and carry out projects and activities to build the capacity of the homelessness services sector in line with the strategy.

The Industry Partnership is made up of the three homelessness peak organisations:

  1. Homelessness NSW
  2. Domestic Violence NSW
  3. Yfoundations.

Training and development

FACS undertook a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) of service providers across NSW earlier this year, focused on service delivery

The aim of the TNA was to gain an understanding of emerging priorities and practice skills needed, and identify where these can be improved through training.

Around 140 people from service providers and FACS participated in this process, along with a focus group of 18 representatives from the sector and key peak organisations.

Discussions between FACS and SHS staff provided insight into what is most needed on the frontline.

The results of the TNA are informing the learning and development strategies for service providers, including managers and frontline staff.

Staff from FACS and SHS have had meaningful discussions throughout this process, which have provided great insight into what is most needed on the frontline.

Available courses for SHS

For dates and locations of available courses for FACS-funded SHS, please register through the online enrolment system.

To see all programs on offer to SHS providers, select the Specialist Homelessness Services option and then select your organisation or partner organisation from the drop down menu.

You may also select your district to see what is being run locally, or All Districts to see what is being offered in Sydney and across NSW.

If you need assistance please email Chandler Macleod or call 1300 361 787.