Housing Assistance Options

Under Housing Pathways, the social housing sector, which consists of public, community and Aboriginal housing, aims to provide secure, appropriate and affordable housing opportunities and assistance to all sections of the community with housing needs.

There are a range of housing assistance options available, including:

  • Private rental assistance products
  • Private rental subsidies
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Emergency temporary accommodation
  • Supported and crisis accommodation
  • Affordable housing
  • Social housing.

Participating providers are responsible for responding to the range of client needs. Where a social housing provider does not deliver a specific housing service, the provider will facilitate the client’s access to another provider for the service required.

For information on what assistance you can access through Housing Pathways, see the Housing Assistance Options Policy.

To apply for housing assistance, you need to complete a single application form and lodge it with a social housing provider (‘the provider’), i.e., at Housing NSW offices, or with any participating community housing provider.