Daily Phone Check

The Australian Red Cross provides a great service, Telecross, for vulnerable people who live alone. It is a daily telephone call to check on your health and wellbeing. Across Australia, 3,700 volunteers contact 6,800 people who live alone each year.

How does it work?

Friendly volunteers make a call each morning, 365 days a year. If their daily call is not answered, the Red Cross will call again before taking action to make sure you are ok. Even if you have visitors during the week, a morning phone call can make a big difference in an emergency, such as after a fall or sudden illness.

Telecross is for people who live alone and are at risk of an accident or illness that may go unnoticed. The main groups who use it include:

  • people who are frail and aged
  • people with disability
  • people who are housebound
  • people recovering from an illness or accident.

More info

If you are interested in learning more about Telecross, you can contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. Their team will answer your questions and, if you are eligible, help you to sign up.

Telecross is also available through the NDIS. Contact your provider for details.