Other Languages

Equal Access

When you want to use our services, Housing NSW will ensure that you are not disadvantaged because of your cultural, or religious background, or if you have difficulty speaking English.

Language Services and Assistance

Housing NSW has an obligation to provide qualified and trained interpreters when conducting interviews, discussing complex matters, or when dealing with sensitive issues. Interpreter services are offered to clients at no cost.

Family and friends cannot act as interpreters but they can stay with the client and provide support during an interview.

Family and friends can only act as an interpreter if staff cannot obtain a qualified telephone or on site interpreter.

Interpreter and Translation Services

If you need help with interpreting or translation because English is not your first language, phone the All Graduates Translating and Interpreting Service on 1300 652 488. They will phone the housing organisation and interpret for you for free.

Translated Information

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Please note that not all Housing NSW's translated fact sheets appear under the individual Language sections. Additional translated fact sheets are available.

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Housing NSW provides a range of language services to ensure that all clients have equal access to public housing services and information.