Community and Private Market Housing Directorate

Applying for Community Housing

In April 2010 Housing NSW and 27 community housing providers across the State implemented a new housing application system known as Housing Pathways to make applying for housing assistance easier, simpler and fairer.

Applicants now fill out a single form to apply for properties managed by Housing NSW or participating community housing providers. On the form applicants can choose who they would like to receive housing assistance from, either public or community housing, and maximise their opportunities for a housing offer if they register interest in both public and community housing.

A single statewide waiting list, the NSW Housing Register, has also been created under the Pathways initiative. It combines the waiting lists of Housing NSW and participating community housing providers and replaces the separate lists previously maintained. All new applications are registered on the NSW Housing Register.

Applicants on the NSW Housing Register can contact either a Housing NSW office or one of the participating community housing providers to check the progress of their application or change their personal details.

For information on how to apply for social housing visit the Housing Pathways website at

There are currently over 300 funded community housing providers across NSW and not all participate as full partners in Housing Pathways. For more information on eligibility for community housing please see the Community Housing Eligibility and Access policies.

About Housing Pathways Fact Sheet