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The Community Housing Directorate is a business unit of Housing NSW, a Division of Family and Community Services. The Community Housing Directorate is the primary relationship and contract manager of community housing providers in NSW. The role of Community Housing Directorate encompasses:

Strategy - The Community Housing Directorate develops the strategic directions for the non-government sector (not-for-profit and profit) relating to the provision of housing consistent with Housing NSW strategic priorities and the capacity of the sector. The Community Housing Directorate has a leadership role in the development of community and affordable housing policy, private rental policy and products, and influences Housing NSW's strategic housing policy development.

Planning - The Community Housing Directorate has both a strategic program and a resource planning role. It sets the policy direction for asset management by the community/affordable housing sector, in broad alignment with Government policies for public housing assets. This includes participation in strategic asset planning processes that look at the alignment of social housing assets to demand and supply.

Funding - The Community Housing Directorate manages the allocation of assistance to non-government organisations, which may take the form of properties for management, ownership and/or grant funding to deliver more housing and/or upgrade housing already under non-government housing management.

Contract Management - The legal relationship between The Community Housing Directorate and non-government organisations is managed through policy and contracts. The Community Housing Directorate develops corporate structures for contract and performance management and monitors compliance with funding agreements and contracts.

Property Asset Management - The Community Housing Directorate manages contracts and quality assurance processes for asset management services.

The community housing sector in NSW is regulated by the Registrar of Community Housing.

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