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In New South Wales, community housing is provided by the not-for-profit sector and administered by the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS). Community housing is part of the broader social housing system, offering access to affordable and appropriate housing for those most in need.

FACS plays a major role in the sector's strategic development and ensures that community housing is effectively managed, operates in the public interest and is accountable to NSW Government. In particular, FACS administers the registration system, which supports high standards in the sector.

FACS works with the community housing sector to:

  • Set the strategic directions for community housing
  • Plan new community housing developments
  • Fund community housing providers and manage contractual relationships
  • Manage contracts and quality assurance processes for asset management
  • Assist community housing providers to continually improve the provision of housing services.

The community housing sector is regulated by the Registrar of Community Housing.

Management Transfers Industry Soundings

Three Industry Sounding Forums have been organised to communicate and discuss the government’s strategic intent and expectations of the Social Housing Management Transfers program.

Better outcomes for social housing tenants

Delivering better outcomes for tenants and the community is the focus reform which will see social housing in four areas of NSW managed by Community Housing Providers.

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