Centre for Affordable Housing

For Home Purchase Assistance

The NSW Government offers a range of programs and services which can help families and individuals who are looking to purchase a home. Initiatives include:

  • The First Home – New Home Scheme which assists first home buyers purchasing a new home or developing a new home on a vacant block of land by abolishing transfer duty on properties valued up to $550,000 and on land valued up to $350,000. Discounted duty rates are also available on properties valued between $550,000 and $650,000 and land valued between $350,000 and $450,000. Concessions on transfer duty also apply to first home buyers purchasing a new property with other parties (e.g. under a shared equity arrangement), subject to them buying at least 50% of the property. Read more.
  • First Home Owner Grant (New Homes) Scheme which provides $15,000 grants to assist eligible first home buyers to purchase a new home or build their own provided the value of the home being purchased or built does not exceed $750,000 for contracts dated on or after 1 July 2014. The amount of the grant will reduce to $10,000 on 1 January 2016. Read more.
  • The NSW New Home Grant Scheme which offers a grant of $5,000 towards the purchase of new homes or homes off the plan up to a value of $650,000 or vacant land on which a new home will be built up to a value of $450,000. The grant is available to investors as well as owner occupiers, and applicants do not have to be buying their first home. Read more.
  • Free, impartial information on all aspects of home purchase:  More information about buying and building a home, including a range of downloadable publications, is available on the Department of Family and Community Services' website. Read more.

Assistance for social housing tenants who want to buy a home

  • Sale of Homes to Tenants Scheme:  Public housing tenants may apply to buy their homes at any time. Sales are subject to the property being separately titled and a number of other conditions including the Department of Family and Community Services not requiring it for future redevelopment or other strategic purposes. Read more.
  • Exemption from transfer duty: A full exemption from transfer duty is available for public housing tenants, and tenants of the Aboriginal Housing Office and community housing providers when they purchase at least a 25 percent share in a property.

Assistance for low to moderate income earners who want to buy a home

  • The NSW Government, through the assistance of the Australian Government under the Housing Affordability Fund, is providing a limited number of opportunities for eligible households on low to moderate incomes to purchase a home in selected locations and receive a rebate on the purchase price. This website will be updated with information about new purchase opportunities under this scheme as they become available in the future.