AHURI Research into Addressing Locational Disadvantage

Housing NSW is committed to improving social housing estates to help address social and economic disadvantage entrenched in these communities.

In 2010, Housing NSW commissioned the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) to synthesise international evidence to demonstrate how governments have successfully addressed locational disadvantage.

The report Addressing locational disadvantage effectively reviewed a range of international evidence on place-based disadvantage, particularly from the United Kingdom, North America and Europe. The report defines locational disadvantage, presents a review of literature, explains the types and outcomes of interventions and identifies best practice principles.

Best practice principles identified in the report include:

  • Combining people and place-based mechanisms
  • Empowering and engaging the local community
  • Being flexible for locally tailored solutions
  • Mixing macro and micro level interventions
  • Transparency of government process and communication
  • Creating genuine strong partnerships between stakeholders

The findings of the report will contribute to the evidence base for the Estates Strategy currently being developed by Housing NSW. The Strategy will guide future intervention in estates to reduce concentrations of social housing and improve outcomes for residents.