Policy Documents

All government agencies have a legal obligation under the GIPA Act to make their policy documents publicly available to you unless there is an overriding public interest against disclosure.

Policy documents are documents used by FACS Housing that pertain to the exercise of its functions as a government agency and may include the following information:

  • Affect the rights of an individual
  • Affect the privilege or benefits of an individual
  • Determine penalties or detriments where members of the public may become entitled, eligible or liable
  • Contains rules, practices and guidelines
  • A statement of the manner, or the intended manner of an administrative scheme
  • A document that contains any procedures that must be followed in any or possible contravention of any legislative instrument

FACS Housing policy documents may be accessed through our website at www.housing.nsw.gov.au or Policy Documents. If you are unable to access these documents through this method you may contact our Right to Information Unit on (02) 9716 2662 where you will be assisted by one of our Officers.

Open Access Information not publicly available

FACS Housing has a legal obligation in accordance with the GIPA Act to make available to you free of charge on our website “Open Access Information”. FACS Housing must consider whether there is an overriding public interest against disclosing certain information.

The table below provides you with the information FACS Housing has decided not to release based on an overriding public interest against disclosure.


Reference Number

Topic and description of the information

The reason for not disclosing the information