Employment & Training Opportunities

Housing NSW recognises the high levels of unemployment and limited job opportunities that exist among Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander.

To help, Housing NSW has developed a range of projects to develop job opportunities for Aboriginal people and public housing tenants.

Projects run by Housing NSW include:

Aboriginal contractors

In some Housing NSW areas, qualified Aboriginal contractors have been employed to undertake maintenance work, upgrading and property condition assessments.

Contracts to Aboriginal Building Organisations

Construction projects have been awarded to Aboriginal community organisations, which provide jobs and training to unemployed community members.

Community development employment programs (CDEP)

Contracts have been entered into with Aboriginal communities managing CDEP schemes to carry out construction and maintenance work. The work has included fencing and concreting, lawns and grounds maintenance, pre-paint external repairs and painting.

Community Renewal

Community Renewal work involves the upgrading of houses in the large housing estates, as part of a broader program to strengthen communities experiencing major social problems. Contracts have been developed with a number of Job Network agencies to do the landscaping work in the Community Renewal areas. The agencies employ trainees who undertake a qualification in horticulture over twelve months.

Schools Based Traineeship Program

Each year Housing NSW participates in the Indigenous Schools Based Traineeship Program. For more information about Indigenous Traineeship opportunities with Housing NSW, please see the Schools Based Traineeship Program.

For more information on other employment opportunities and how to apply, please refer to the Aboriginal Employment Opportunities brochure.