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Helpful Publications

Guide to Purchasing Your Home

Below is a list of all Housing NSW publications that can help with buying a home, purchasing land, building, and all the financial options and assistance available.


The publications are free and can be downloaded from this site in a PDF format. To order a copy, contact the Home Purchase Advisory Service, on 1300 HOUSING (1300 468 746) during business hours. Or email the Home Purchase Advisory Service giving your name, contact phone number, postal address and the publications required.


Publication name


  • Guide to Purchasing Your Home - The A-Z of Home Purchase (PDF file, 150KB)
  • Guides the buyer through different purchase options, buying an existing home or unit, buying ‘off the plan’, or acquiring a land and house package. It examines the role of solicitors, different ways to buy property, and what steps to follow right through to final settlement.
  • Home Buyer's Check List (PDF file, 183KB)
  • A check list to help decide if the property meets the needs of the buyer.
  • Buying Land and Building a Home (PDF file, 113KB)
  • Outlines what to look for when choosing a block of land, the different building options available, how to select the right builder, and the buyers rights once they’ve entered into a contract.
  • A Guide to the Costs of Home Purchase (PDF file, 145KB)
  • Revealing the usual costs involved when buying a home in NSW, from the lender’s fees, legal costs, to council and water rates.
  • Home Buyer's Budget Planner (PDF file, 186KB)
  • Helps the buyer add-up the every day living costs to decide how much is really needed to afford loan repayments and hidden costs of home ownership
  • Financing Your Home Purchase (PDF file, 187KB)
  • An impartial guide that examines all the options and explains the different types of lenders and the variety of financing they offer.


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