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Going Home Staying Home Contracting Approach

On 27 November 2013, the Minister for Family and Community Services announced a new needs-based funding model and the opening of tenders for Specialist Homelessness Services, as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to reduce homelessness.


FACS undertook a planning process for the delivery of SHS which included the development of a new resource allocation model (RAM) for the State. The RAM took into consideration key indicators of homelessness, including socio-economic disadvantage, rates of domestic violence assaults, drug and alcohol misuse and remoteness. Internal stakeholders in the 15 FACS Districts developed service packages based on the RAM, SHS client data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and local knowledge of need and issues.


A total of 149 service packages were developed through this District planning process and each one has a target group (or groups) based on a case mix of young people, men, women and families. Many service packages also target additional characteristics in the client target groups such as: Aboriginal people; people from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds; people escaping from domestic and family violence; people with complex needs; and other groups.

Procurement process

Prequalification scheme

A prequalification scheme was established to support the procurement of SHS homelessness services from 1 July 2014.


All providers who applied to the scheme were advised of their application outcome. See the full list of prequalified providers (PDF). For consortia and joint working arrangements, only the lead entity is shown on the list. Where the lead entity has prequalified multiple times, it is recorded once.


For more information:

Prequalified providers were matched to service packages based on the capabilities they demonstrated for prequalification in terms of a client centred approach, services for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, service footprint, geographic coverage and delivery to client groups.

Statewide tenders

Prequalified providers were invited to tender for matched service packages through the NSW eTender website. The statewide tenders for 140 SHS packages for 2014 – 2017 were open between 27 November 2013 and 7 February 2014.


The tender evaluation process is underway with the completion of assessment expected in early May 2014.

Inner city Sydney

Given the special circumstances in the inner city Sydney area, a separate, collaborative planning approach and tender process has been developed for specialist homelessness funding in the inner city Sydney area.

  • Tenders opened: 19 March 2014
  • Tenders close: 2 pm on 28 April 2014
  • Contracts, transition and establishment phase: June to September 2014
  • SHS inner city Sydney services commence: 1 October 2014

For more information:

Guidelines for SHS providers

Practice Guidelines have been developed to assist SHS providers to continue to innovate, build on lessons learned across the sector and bring together evidence that supports the most effective ways to address homelessness in NSW. The guidelines focus on:

  • SHS outcomes and role within a broader homelessness service system,
  • service delivery framework and design,
  • streamlined access,
  • quality assurance system;
  • information regarding brokerage funding
  • Interim policy for supporting unaccompanied children under 16 years.

The Practice Guidelines (PDF) and Brokerage Guidelines (PDF) are available to download.


For more information please contact the Reform Team on 02 8753 9215 or email us at


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