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Fact Sheets Overview

Policy Last Amended: 22 Sep 2014


  • Fact sheets relating to eligibility and applying for social housing assistance are located on the Housing Pathways website.
  • Fact sheets relating to community housing are located on the Community and Private Market Housing Directorate website.

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  • Aboriginal Housing (PDF, 245KB)
  • Aboriginal Housing Office Rent – Commonwealth Rent Assistance (PDF, 168KB)
  • Aboriginal Recruitment (PDF, 500KB)
  • Aboriginal Students Traineeship Program (PDF, 387KB)
  • Alterations to Homes (PDF, 254KB)
  • Annual Rent Review of Public Housing (PDF, 491KB)
  • Appeals and reviewing decisions (PDF, 240KB)
  • Asbestos (PDF, 176KB)
  • Award-winning Housing NSW properties (PDF, 1.3MB)


  • Being away from your home (PDF, 279KB)


  • Changes to Household (PDF, 221KB)
  • Client Feedback (PDF, 287KB)
  • Community Gardens (PDF, 319KB)
  • NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (PDF, 152KB)


  • Domestic and Family Violence (PDF, 292KB)
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  • Electronic Funds Transfer (PDF, 154KB)
  • Evaluation Strategy - NSW Homelessness Action Plan (PDF, 189KB)


  • Fire safety and smoke alarms (PDF, 161KB)
  • Fire Safety Program (PDF, 173KB)
  • Fixed Term Leases and Lease Review (PDF, 202KB)


  • Going Home Staying Home - Panel of Experts (PDF, 63KB)
  • Going Home Staying Home - Sector Reference Group (PDF, 59KB)
  • Going Home Staying Home - Resource Allocation (PDF, 459KB)


  • Headleasing (PDF, 188KB)
  • Home modification request (PDF, 347KB)
  • Housing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People (PDF, 284KB)
  • How to contact us (PDF, 167KB)

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  • Income Confirmation Scheme (PDF, 219KB)
  • Income limits: For rent subsidy, lease review and Rentstart Move (PDF, 244KB)
  • Interpreter Services (PDF, 255KB)
  • L

  • Lead Paint (PDF, 659KB)
  • M

  • Maintenance and repairs to your home (PDF, 299KB)
  • Managing affordable housing in NSW (PDF, 202KB)
  • Managing your garden (PDF, 386KB)
  • Market Rent Review (PDF, 49KB)
  • Moving out of Your Home (PDF, 358KB)
  • Mutual Exchange Program (PDF, 266KB)
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  • Notice of Intention to issue a Notice of Termination (PDF, 283KB)
  • NSW Homelessness Action Plan (PDF, 56KB)


  • Painting (PDF, 144KB) 
  • Pay TV (PDF, 170KB) 
  • Payment options for clients (PDF, 371KB) 
  • Privacy and Personal Information Notification (PDF, 249KB)
  • Private rental assistance (PDF, 290KB)
  • Private Rental Subsidy (PDF, 68KB)
  • Protocol for Homeless People in Public Places (PDF, 86KB)
  • Public Private Partnerships (PDF, 169KB)

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  • Recognition as a Tenant (PDF, 140KB)
  • Recognition as a Tenant for Aboriginal Households (PDF, 212KB)
  • Relocating Tenants for Management Purposes (PDF, 157KB)
  • Rent and Water Arrears (PDF, 121KB)
  • Rent Deduction Scheme: Why you should not leave the Rent Deduction Scheme (PDF, 128KB)
  • Rent It Keep It? (PDF, 3.7MB)
  • Rent, rent subsidies reviews (PDF, 283KB)
  • Renting affordable housing (PDF, 124KB)
  • Rentstart Bond Loan (PDF, 234KB)
  • Rentstart Bond Loan Managing your payments (PDF, 284KB)
  • Renstart Move (PDF, 354KB)
  • Rentstart fact sheet for landlords and real estate agents (PDF, 215KB)
  • Right to information request (PDF, 194KB)

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  • Signing a Tenancy Agreement (PDF, 253KB)
  • Smoke free areas (PDF, 210KB)
  • Solar Hot Water Systems (PDF, 800KB)
  • Social housing rent increase for single pensioners (PDF, 86KB)
  • Start Safely Subsidy (PDF, 515KB)
  • Statement of Satisfactory Tenancy (PDF, 209KB)
  • Subcontractor notices under NSW Security of Payment legislation (PDF, 19KB)
  • Swimming pools in public housing properties (PDF, 84KB)


  • Tender Assessment (PDF, 156KB)
  • Tenant Employment Incentive Scheme (PDF, 292KB)
  • Tenant Participation Resource Services - Fact sheet (PDF, 288KB)
  • Tenant's rights and responsibilities (PDF, 244KB)
  • Tenant repair costs (PDF, 1.36MB)
  • Tenant Transfers (PDF, 296KB)
  • Treating mould in your home (PDF, 160KB)
  • V

  • Vacant Bedroom Charge (PDF, 440KB)
  • W

  • Water saving tips (PDF, 190KB)
  • Water usage charges (PDF, 182KB) 
  • Why you should not leave the Rent Deduction Scheme (PDF, 128KB)
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